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World Jewish Relief provides lifesaving and life-changing action to people in crisis around the world. Our work is underpinned by three main values; We Give, We Care and We Act. Underpinned by our values, World Jewish Relief is committed to safeguarding people at risk in line with national legislation and relevant national and international guidelines and frameworks.

Our aim is to safeguard all Personnel, partners, participants and clients of programmes by ensuring that our activities are delivered in a way which keeps all children and adults safe from harm. World Jewish Relief recognises that some clients and participants will not meet the legal definition of an ‘adult at risk’ as defined in The Care Act 2014 but may have vulnerabilities that require additional support or intervention.

For the purpose of our policies, we will use ‘World Jewish Relief Personnel’ to cover all those who the Policy applies to which is inclusive of Trustees, Staff, Volunteers, Contractors and any others connected with delivery of services. Our policies are global, covering our work both in the UK and Internationally and whether we are implementing activities ourselves or through local partners.