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Two Years of Pain

This Pesach will you help families in Ukraine deal with the trauma of war?

Families in Ukraine are struggling to cope with the trauma of war. Will you help them? 

For more than two years war has raged in Ukraine. That’s more than two years of hurt and pain, of damage and devastation, and fear and uncertainty.

As many of us sit down for our Seders this year, Jewish families in Ukraine are living in a constant state of fear. When the air raid sirens sound, parents hold their terrified children tight as they run for shelter. 

For over two years this has played out day after day, week after week. We must help them. Will you make a gift today and help Ukrainian families suffering the trauma of war? 

Women and girl

Hear Olga and Elena’s story this Pesach… 

Olga and her family fled their home when the Russian invasion began. Her children, Lev and Melissa, aged 12 and 6, are struggling to deal with the trauma of war. 

Elena cares for her elderly father who recently had a stroke. Her daughter Sasha, aged 6, lost her friend when their next-door neighbour’s house was bombed.   

Follow our Chief Executive and find out how we’re Building Stronger Families in Ukraine. 

How We Help

Our Building Stronger families programme provides a lifeline for mothers and children to cope with the ongoing trauma of war.  

Children have suffered immensely. This hasn’t just been a week or a month. This has been over two years of the Covid-19 pandemic followed by two years of war. We provide one-to-one counselling sessions, family support sessions and therapy via art. 

We help mothers back into work, so they can provide for their children once more. This is the highest form of Tzedekah, and it is critical in helping families cope with the trauma of war.