Creating Opportunities

We empower those out of work or living with disability to become self-reliant.

World Jewish Relief works in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova and Rwanda where many people are unemployed, living in poverty or impacted by the legacy of the holocaust. They struggle to feed their children and elderly parents; many in the former Soviet Union countries rely on limited welfare support.

By empowering them we believe we can eliminate Jewish poverty in our lifetime.

Livelihood Programmes

We aim to bring 100,000 people out of poverty by 2020.

By helping people to develop job-specific skills, giving them the confidence to find work and then guiding them into appropriate employment, we create opportunities that can change lives.

We give people a hand-up that means that they no longer need hand-outs.

These programmes enable people to support their families with food, medicine, education, a safe living environment and therefore a route out of poverty. People who gain employment are able to support themselves, their parents who might otherwise rely on welfare and meagre pensions, and their children.

How does it work?

Our ‘back to work’ courses give people the skills and confidence to enter - or get back into - the job market. This includes everything from learning how to write a CV to assessing participants’ life goals. Where relevant, vocational training is offered in order to develop practical skills. Our employment advisors work with each person to identify what’s right for them and then support them through the job finding process. They liaise with local businesses to create opportunities and match-make individuals with jobs.

Meet Artyom

Watch the moving account of how World Jewish Relief’s ‘livelihood development programme’ (LDP) has enabled Artyom to find job satisfaction which has given Artyom and his family a route out of poverty.

Where do we do it?

The majority of programmes are focused on the former Soviet Union – including in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Belarus.

Our livelihoods work in Ukraine

In the last three years, 2,124 people have participated in our livelihoods projects in Ukraine
An amazing 72% of those who participated in our livelihoods project found jobs
Within the past year, the average income for participants has increased by 279%


We also have projects in Rwanda where we help young farmers, many orphaned by the genocide and/or HIV/AIDS, to become modern agricultural entrepreneurs, significantly and sustainably increase their income and make a difference in their communities. We are doing this by building the agronomic and business capacity of participants including links to commercial buyers and markets as well as training in techniques for growing profitable crops such as watermelons.