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Case Study: Climate Change

Changing lives affected by climate change in Bangladesh 

Jasmin, 32, lives in a flood-prone district of Bangladesh. Mother of 5 children, she and her husband struggled to provide for their family. During monsoon season, devastating floods rip through their village, damaging their home and preventing them from earning money. The floods have become more frequent and less predictable as a result of the climate crisis. 

Her husband works as a tuk-tuk driver and when there are floods, he can’t work. With the situation worsening each year, Jasmin decided she needed to take action.  

That’s when she heard about World Jewish Relief’s climate resilience programme, where we’re helping members of her community to adapt to a changing climate through our local partner ISDE. We provided her with life-changing agricultural training and taught her techniques of farming that are more resistant to climate change.  

She regularly attends meetings with our partner, and other members of the community to share learnings and improve their skills, and gets ongoing guidance from trainers and field staff, ensuring the sustainability of the programme. 

Jasmin can now provide for her family and feed her children. With our guidance, she has created a vegetable garden, and sells her produce at local markets. Her income is stable throughout the year, mitigating some of the unpredictable and damaging effects of climate change.