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August 12, 2020

We have launched a Beirut Emergency Appeal


We have launched a Beirut Emergency Appeal

Following the catastrophic explosion in Beirut last week, it has become increasingly clear that the humanitarian consequences of the disaster are immense. The pain and trauma that residents of Beirut have experienced is unimaginable. As British Jewry’s humanitarian aid organisation, World Jewish Relief, supported by the leading UK Jewish communal agencies, are compelled to act and have today launched an emergency appeal to provide immediate assistance to those affected.

The Beirut explosion has caused horrific damage up to 20kms from the port area. Over 200 people have died and 6,000 have been injured, with numbers continuing to rise. Hospitals, medical centres, schools, offices and houses have been destroyed. An estimated 300,000 people have been made homeless overnight. Thousands more have lost their jobs, businesses and their source of income. The blast destroyed an estimated 120,000 metric tonnes of grain stocks and there is now only an estimated 4 weeks of staple food supplies in country. All of this at a time when Lebanon already faces an economic and Covid crisis.

Paul Anticoni, Chief Executive of World Jewish Relief said “Our Jewish values obligate us to reach out and offer our assistance and demonstrate an immense act of kindness. These are people have lost everything and we as a Jewish community can help in their hour of need”

World Jewish Relief response will help to provide the following items:

  • Food
  • Shelter materials, accommodation support or repairs to make homes habitable.
  • Distribution of cooking materials, kitchen sets, blankets, mattresses, hygiene and dignity kits

Stacey Swimer, Director of International Programmes and Partnerships said “Given the complexity of the situation World Jewish Relief is continuing to assess where needs are greatest prioritising assistance to women, children, the elderly and those living with disability wherever possible. We are simultaneously working to identify a credible and capable agency that can deliver support in Beirut which would pass our exacting accountability standards and are free of any external interference and can operate independently of government and local authorities ensuring that all support we provide gets to those that need it.”

World Jewish Relief are proud to launch the appeal with the support of the leading UK Jewish communal agencies, the catastrophic explosion in Beirut has devastated the city and created unimaginable need amongst its residents. Help us provide emergency assistance today.

Donate to the Beirut Emergency Appeal.