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June 7, 2018

Update: Fuego volcano eruption, Guatemala


Update: Fuego volcano eruption, Guatemala

On Sunday, Guatemala’s Fuego volcano erupted, killing at least 99 people, with 200 more missing. World Jewish Relief is monitoring the situation to assess whether to respond.

It is one of Central America’s most active volcanoes but Sunday’s eruption caused more fatalities than any of those previously recorded at Fuego. There are also 12,000 evacuees, many of whom escaped without their belongings and are not in receipt of official assistance.

The volcano, 44 kilometres southwest of Guatemala City, erupted on 3rd June, sending smoke clouds higher than 9 kilometres into the air and creating a river of red-hot lava and debris which travelled for 40 kilometres. On the 5th June, a fresh torrent from the volcano began to spew, prompting a new evacuation order and halting existing rescue efforts.

The Guatemalan government is active and conducting the rescue operation, particularly focused on Search and Rescue. There are also huge needs for shelter and hygiene kits.

Local and international NGOs have mobilised resources to fill in where possible, although the Guatemalan government has not yet made a request for international support.

World Jewish Relief’s Humanitarian Programmes team is continuing to monitor the situation, although so far we have decided not to respond. We will continue to assess the needs as the situation develops.

If you would like to help when future disasters like this strike, please make a donation towards our disaster recovery work.

(Photo is copyright Provial Ministerio de Comunicaciones / Facebook)