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January 14, 2016

Supporting Syrian refugees in the UK


Smiling refugee holding child

Supporting Syrian refugees in the UK

World Jewish Relief is to launch a unique programme to provide support to Syrian refugees arriving in the UK.

Why we have launched this programme

  • As the international refugee crisis has reached the UK, World Jewish Relief’s international expertise will now be applied here too.
  • Responding to calls to act from both our supporters and the wider Jewish community, we will aim to help 1,000 Syrian refugees to better integrate into British life over the next five years.
  • World Jewish Relief was formed to help people flee Nazi Germany and enable them to develop lives and livelihoods here. This new programme is inspired by our origins, reflecting the Jewish values of welcoming strangers into our home and enabling them to become independent.


The programme will be funded by private and institutional donors; money raised by World Jewish Relief for our refugee work in Greece and Turkey and other core projects in the former Soviet Union will not be used to support this programme.

Employment programme 

The employment programme is informed by our experience and expertise in developing livelihood opportunities, predominantly in the former Soviet Union. It will enable refugees to gain confidence and language skills, and provide them with essential training to better understand the UK workplace and access vocational training, work placements and post-placement support. The programme will offer individualised, specialist employment support with the long-term aim of helping participants to find permanent, sustainable employment.

The programme will be delivered by professional staff alongside volunteers from the Jewish community. The volunteers will offer essential support, including mentoring, running conversation classes and youth clubs.

What can you do to help?

At the moment, we just want to share this information with you. However, over the coming months there may be opportunities for volunteers to get involved.