Donate to Celebrate

If you are celebrating a birthday, barmitzvah, wedding or special occasion, why not ask your friends and family to give the most precious gift of all by donating to World Jewish Relief and making a real difference to the lives of people in need?

Your donations could mean that a lonely older person has companionship every week, a group of dementia sufferers receive care or that a single mum finds employment, enabling her to feed and care for her children.

  • If it’s your celebration you can set up a 'Donate to Celebrate' page. 

    Create your fundraising page here.

  • If your friend or family member already has a 'Donate to Celebrate' page for their special event, find their fundraising page here.
  • If you are donating in someone’s name who doesn't have a page, use the 'Donate to Celebrate' form below and we will make sure to notify them of your generous gift.
  • If your child is coming up for their Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, consider creating a fundraising page in their name or donating a proportion of their gifts just like Elijah did.   

Thank you and Mazel Tov!

Donate to Celebrate

Make your gift here. Add your celebrant's details on the next page.