Winter Appeal

Older Jewish people across eastern Europe face a harrowing winter this year. Covid-19 is running rampant, and in many places there is still no effective vaccine programme; inflation is hitting catastrophic rates, meaning they won’t be able to heat their homes.

Garry's home was almost uninhabitable.

He has lived in his tiny one bedroom flat for over 45 years, and has never been able to afford the repairs it so desperately needed. He hates being there so much that instead, he wanders the snowy streets and avoids returning home.

We have spent a lot of time recently in our homes – much more than usual. But what if your home was freezing cold, with broken windows and it felt as cold inside as it did outside?

In Garry's flat, the wallpaper peeled from the walls, the plumbing rusting away. There was no hot water. No warmth at all. He had to travel across the city to shower at other friends’ homes.

It is terrible when there is no water. I had to take a shower in apartments of my friends in different districts of the city. And it was not possible to use the bathroom, because it was so dark.

Garry’s pension is a tiny £63 a month – so fixing anything was always out of his reach. Luckily, World Jewish Relief was able to step in.

We fitted new windows to keep out the cold, repaired his floors and fitted a new bathroom, so that Garry doesn’t have to cross the city to get hot water. Now, Garry can feel safe and warm in his home. You can help keep older people warm this winter by donating below. 

£20 can pay for new bathroom taps for someone like Garry

£50 pays for repairs to an older person's windows, making their home safer and warmer.

£2000 pays for an entire home to be repaired, making it warm for the winter.