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This winter is going to be tough. But for families in Ukraine, it’s going to be tougher. 

Communities in Ukraine are facing a catastrophic winter this year with many experiencing rolling blackouts, critically damaged homes and punishing water shortages. And soon, temperatures will fall to -20.

The war in Ukraine has shattered millions of lives and livelihoods. Families are trapped in dark, freezing basements or living in homes with bombed-out windows and walls. The price of fuel has skyrocketed, and people can’t afford to heat their homes and make the repairs they urgently need.  

Before the war, Pavel lived happily in Mariupol with his wife, their daughter and his elderly mother. They had a good life and never wanted for anything. But that all changed when the fighting broke out. 

We were just normal people. But when the airstrikes started, we knew we needed to get out quickly.

Pavel’s family fled Mariupol. They had nowhere to live, nothing to eat, and no money. They were completely alone. Pavel had no idea what would happen next. But thanks to you and other World Jewish Relief supporters, the Jewish Community Centre was there for Pavel. 

We were surrounded by people who cared about us.

Pavel’s family were provided with emergency food, warm clothing and somewhere safe to live. This might not seem like a lot, but for Pavel and his family it was the difference between life and death.

We were ripped apart. We had nothing. The Jewish Community saved us.

Facing winter in Ukraine 

The ongoing fighting, relentless airstrikes and blackouts mean the future is still very uncertain for Pavel and his family. But thanks to you, they now have some of the basics they need this winter.

There are millions of desperate families like Pavel's who will go to bed shivering, unsure if they'll get through the night. 

You can help them survive this winter by making a gift now. 

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Families like Pavel’s will go to bed tonight shivering, unsure if they’ll get through the night. Please help them survive this winter by making a gift now.