Rosh Hashanah Appeal

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Across Eastern Europe, Jewish single mothers and their children are trapped in poverty and battling to survive.

Some of the women have fled conflict, domestic abuse or a relationship breakdown. Others lack the skills or experience needed to find a permanent job. They are subjected to widespread discrimination and, all too often, are rejected by employers simply because they’re mothers.

As the sole breadwinner in their families, single mothers are doing whatever they can to get by. They rely on informal, cash-in-hand jobs and handouts from friends and family. Some earn as little as £8 a day.

Jewish children are going without proper food and clothing. They’re missing out on the little things that make childhood so special, such as toys, rides on miniature railways and trips to the cinema. Some are bullied remorselessly for being poor.  

Our Workability Programme has the power to change lives, to help mothers develop the skills and confidence they need to find a job – and to give children the childhood they deserve.

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Be there for someone who has no one this Rosh Hashanah.