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Europe is facing the greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War. Fleeing conflict and persecution, hundreds of thousands are taking extraordinary risks to find safety. World Jewish Relief has launched an emergency appeal for this unique global crisis.

World Jewish Relief is providing food, shelter and emergency materials to refugees in Turkey and Greece who are fleeing war and persecution. 

World Jewish Relief assisted tens of thousands of Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi-occupied Europe, including through the Kindertransport. We are now building on this history, using our expertise to respond to the current challenge. This appeal is separate from our core working helping the world’s poorest Jews in the Former Soviet Union.

World Jewish Relief is:

Supporting 2,000 Syrian children with back-to-school kits so they can start to get their lives back on track
As the harsh winter approaches, we will provide 3,000 winter kits that will include a coat, boots, warm socks, clothes and a sleeping bag.
We are supporting 1,500 refugees in Greece’s North Aegean Islands with vital humanitarian relief including basic shelter and food vouchers.

You can help refugees fleeing war and persecution

Thousands of people urgently need your help.