Pesach Appeal

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Thousands of older Jewish people live in poverty in Ukraine. Their pensions average £50 per month but their bills and medicines alone can total that amount, meaning there is often no money left for food.

World Jewish Relief provides pre-paid monthly food cards that enable them to buy the food they need to survive.

After paying her bills, Galina (pictured) would be left with just 13p a month to spend on food.  With her food card she is able to buy enough provisions, including fresh vegetables, to keep her going. She says: "If it weren't for the kindness of World Jewish Relief supporters, I'd be dead by now.  The foodcard is my lifeline."

Will you help us ensure Galina, and 3,400 others like her, have food on their plates this Pesach?

  • £20 could feed an older Jewish person for a month, helping them to stay healthy and have enough to eat.
  • £60 could buy basic food, like pasta, oil and fruit, for three older people for a month.
  • £160 could pay for an older Jewish person to eat for the rest of 2019, making sure they always have food on their plates.


Make sure no-one goes hungry this Pesach