Pesach Appeal

"I don't know how I would have survived without support."

Right now, thousands of older Jewish people across Eastern Europe like Anna are desperate for hot food, emergency homecare and a connection to the outside world. Her life has been shattered by Covid-19, and she has no idea when she’ll be vaccinated. With no hope and no help, every day is a fight for survival.

Older people are now going without proper meals because the cost of food and utilities has skyrocketed. With an average pension of just £60 a month, it was hard for many people before the pandemic - now it’s simply impossible. Hot food is a luxury thousands cannot afford.

The lack of social interaction and stimulation is also destroying people’s physical and mental health. Some older Jewish people are finding it harder and harder to move around their homes, bathe without help and do basic tasks like preparing food. In some extreme cases, people are even losing the ability to communicate.

Older Jewish people like Anna are also more anxious and isolated than ever before. Without access to the internet or the modern technology we rely on, people are almost entirely cut off from the outside world. They can go days without seeing or speaking to someone. 

Your generosity could help us provide the support older Jewish people need right now. That includes emergency homecare, internet access and computers to help people stay connected to their community, and the hot food deliveries that have made such a difference to Anna’s life in Ukraine.  

£30 could provide an older Jewish person with hot nourishing food for a month.

£86 could give an older Jewish person emergency homecare for a month, ensuring they have vital care and companionship during this crisis.

£150 could supply the internet access and computer an older Jewish person needs to stay connected to their community.