Pesach Appeal

"I know I'm losing my memory, I'm so scared"

The moment the Nazis arrived is still fresh in Liliya's mind. She feels the intense terror as everyone ran for their lives and she remembers the exact spot her father was standing when he was shot and killed. It's like it was yesterday.

But Liliya can't remember what she had for breakfast today. She can't recall familiar places and she feels scared and anxious a lot of the time.

In the UK Liliya would have a dementia diagnosis. In Ukraine even her doctor doesn't know what that is. With no specialist care available, Liliya has been left alone and living in fear.

Help us provide Liliya, and hundreds more people like her, with one-to-one support from trained carers so that she is not isolated and alone.

World Jewish Relief's pioneering programme is transforming dementia care in Ukraine and other eastern European countries.

  • £20 can help an older Jewish people attend specialist dementia sessions. 
  • £32 can pay for an older Jewish person like Liliya to receive 1 month of weekly home visits from a trained dementia carer.
  • £100 can help us train more specialist dementia carers, making sure they know the symptoms to look for and the best way to provide appropiate care.