Rosh Hashanah Appeal

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"I had no idea how I was going to feed my children or keep them well. I was broken. We weren’t living - we were only just surviving".  Lyudmila, Jewish mother of two children with long-term health issues.

Across Ukraine thousands of Jewish families like Lyudmila's are trapped in poverty, unable to put food on the table, keep their children healthy or live the life they want for themselves. 

Our Livelihood Development Programme offers emotional and practical support to help people to find suitable employment to enable their whole families to survive and thrive. 

Please give Jewish families like Lyudmila's a chance this Rosh Hashanah. 

£40 could help pay for a place on a computer course.

£120 could help fund vocational training for mothers like Lyudmila to gain vital qualifications.

£252 could help pay for someone like Lyudmila to go through the entire Livelihood Development Programme and have their life transformed. 

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Give a lifeline to Jewish families like Lyudmila's this Rosh Hashanah