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Will you deliver someone from darkness to sight this Pesach?

Across Ukraine older Jewish people like Vladimir (pictured) suffer from poor vision and loss of sight, unable to afford treatment they desperately need. 

Unlike the UK, there is no state provision for eye care so World Jewish Relief's optical programme is the only chance vulnerable older Jewish people have to get their eyes tested, receive glasses or undergo critical surgery.  

Vladimir suffered from cataracts and glaucaoma and was facing certain blindness.  He experienced multiple falls and everyday tasks became impossible.  It was a frightening and desperate time until World Jewish Relief stepped in to fund surgery and fit him with new glasses, giving him a whole new lease of life.

Please help older Jewish people go from darkness to sight this Pesach. 

  • £25 could provide a pair of prescription glasses
  • £75 could provide sight-saving treatment
  • £225 could provide life-changing surgery

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Help deliver someone from darkness to sight.