Pakistan Flood Response

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More than 33 million people in Pakistan – one in every seven of the population – have been disastrously affected by catastrophic flooding over the last few weeks.

While we’re working hard to build the resilience of vulnerable communities to climate related emergencies, many more are suffering the consequences right now.

Severe monsoon weather which began in June 2022 has resulted in over 1,100 deaths and caused millions of people to be displaced. The relentless rains have washed away vital crops, damaged or destroyed almost a million homes, and critically compromised roads and bridges which means that it is a struggle to deliver aid to those affected. To date, 72 districts across Pakistan have been declared ‘disaster hit’ by the Government who have announced a national emergency.

World Jewish Relief’s longstanding and trusted partner, the International Blue Crescent (IBC), is operational in Sohbahtur district in Balochistan, assisting flood victims and those that have been displaced with emergency food and hygiene distributions.

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