Afghanistan Crisis Appeal

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Thanks to your support, we are continuing to deliver support to Afghans who fled the country following the Taliban’s takeover, through ongoing projects in the UK and Turkey. However, our attention must turn to the situation in the country itself and the urgent humanitarian crisis that is unfolding there.

Drought, conflict, the Covid-19 pandemic and massive displacement mean that the situation in the country has become increasingly desperate. There is now a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. More than 18.4 million people are facing extreme hunger and over 3 million children under five are likely to suffer from acute malnutrition without urgent intervention. 600,000 Afghans are internally displaced and living in makeshift tents where they will face sub-zero temperatures this winter.

Our trusted regional partner the International Blue Crescent is now operating on the ground in Kabul, Herat and Kunduz in Afghanistan, targeting women, children and families who have been displaced. They are able to operate independently of the Taliban and have access to affected communities.  

Together with our partner we will be providing families with emergency food packages and winter survival kits containing the items that they need to get through the icy cold winter, stay warm and avoid starvation.

You can help Afghans by donating today to provide food and warm clothing to those in need.

We are proud to launch this appeal with the full support of the UK’s leading Jewish communal bodies. 

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Thousands of people urgently need your help.