Uyghur Appeal

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World Jewish Relief, supported by the leading UK Jewish communal agencies, has launched an urgent appeal for the Uyghur Refugees in response to humanitarian needs in Turkey.

Since 2017 it is reported that the Chinese government has rounded up over one million Muslims (Uyghurs, ethic Kazakhs and Uzbeks) and detained them in ‘re-education camps’. There they have been subject to compulsory sterilisation, physical and sexual abuse, repression of religion and the destruction of religious buildings, and an unending stream of state-sponsored propaganda.

Driven by our own history, the Jewish community has led the way in highlighting these atrocities and the terrifying plight of the Uyghurs, pushing the British Government into acting. But as over 11,000 Uyghurs are now stranded in Turkey, having risked a hazardous journey to escape this persecution, it is clear we must do more to support this extremely vulnerable community in exile.

Having been forced to flee their homes in search of safety, Uyghur refugees now live in overcrowded households, struggling to meet their food needs, pay their bills or access education, employment and healthcare. They risk being interned if they return to China and live in a constant state of fear.

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, Chief Rabbi of Britain and the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth:

As we protest the unfolding and ceaseless persecution of Uyghurs in the Chinese province of Xinjiang, we must continue to search for tangible expressions for our utter horror at this atrocious reality. World Jewish Relief are performing a vital service by undertaking this emergency appeal, and I commend them for identifying a substantial Uyghur refugee population in desperate need of our assistance. I urge you to generously support this campaign, whilst keeping in mind the many Uyghurs we are unable to offer the very same type of practical help at this moment in time.

World Jewish Relief will provide food, healthcare and psychological support to some of the most vulnerable Uyghur families in Turkey.

We can and we must help these vulnerable Uyghur families who have fled persecution and that is why we ask you to make a donation today and be part of the Jewish community’s emergency response. Your support can help us help those in need.

Please be part of the Jewish community’s response to this crisis.  

Thanks to the generosity of The Seneca Trust the first donations up to a total of £30,000 will be doubled. Make a donation today and stand up for the Uyghur community and those who have been able to flee persecution. 


Help make a difference and provide a better life to the families who have fled to Turkey who currently face difficult living situations