Beirut Emergency Appeal

Updated: 01 September.

The catastrophic explosion that ripped through the port of Beirut on 04 August has left over 200 dead, 6,500 injured and an estimated 300,000 homeless.

Hospitals, medical centres, schools, offices and homes have been destroyed. Thousands of people have lost their jobs, businesses and their source of income.

The blast destroyed Lebanon's main grain stock, leaving less than a month of staple food supplies for the entire country. 

This humanitarian crisis comes at a time when the country is already facing economic catastrophe and fast-rising levels of Covid 19.

Our Jewish values obligate us to reach out and offer our assistance to people in desperate need.

We are working with a credible, trusted partner who has passed our exacting standards and scrutiny, operates independently of government and local authorities and who is ensuring that all support we provide is going directly to those that need it.

Your immediate support will help us to provide emergency medical care.

Our response includes:

  • Mobile medical unit going door-to-door in worst affected areas to reach people injured by the explosion.
  • Provision of medicines.
  • Provision of wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and other technical equipment.

Our mobile medical units will be going house-to-house in the worst affected districts of Mar Mikhael, Geitawi, Karantina, Gemmayze where we will be able to provide support to hundreds of vulnerable individuals who have been affected by severe injuries and other medical trauma as a result of the explosion. 

As British Jewry’s international emergency agency we are proud to have the endorsement of key communal agencies for this appeal.