Covid-19 Global Emergency Appeal

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As Covid-19 continues to take hold and cause even more loss of life and trauma, World Jewish Relief has re-opened its Covid-19 Global Emergency Appeal.

We must act now to save lives. 

We have continued to work in Mozambique, Rwanda, Bangladesh and Eastern Europe helping to fight the spread of Covid-19. Now our attention turns to India and Nepal where Covid-19 is spiralling out of control and resources are scarce.

The death toll in India and Nepal is rising at an alarming rate and we as a community must do all we can to help.

As the UK Jewish Community’s Humanitarian Agency, World Jewish Relief will be working with international and local partners to provide essential medical and health services.

We have felt the impact on our Jewish community here in the UK and worldwide, but now we must do what we can to help those most in need.


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No one is safe until everyone is safe.