The Wolf Run

Amy Williams

Not your average 10k! Be a World Jewish Relief wolf and run across raw natural terrain, including open ground, woodland, lakes & thick mud.

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I'm currently writing my PhD which focuses on memory of the Kindertransports in national and international perspectives and while research is important I also want to give something back. So I contacted WJR to organise a one day workshop with them. The next project is to create a travelling exhibition which will reflect upon this event. The exhibition hopes to discuss WJR's work in the UK and abroad and the history of the organisation. However, I wanted to also raise funds for the charity as their tremendous work is so important and they help so many people here in the UK as well as the international community. So here I am ready to take part in the Wolf Run.

£265.00* raised so far

*This total does not include Gift Aid. Gift Aid will be added offline.

Goal £500.00

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  • Catrin Harris

    Good luck!

  • Richard Verber

    Go Amy!

  • Elizabeth Kendrick

    Good luck Amy!

  • Grace Lewin

    Good luck Amy you will be amazing! Xx

  • Jeannette Rodgers

    I am so incredibly proud to know you. You are an inspiration! I have absolute faith in you; get out there and show them how it's done!!! Much love xxx

  • Tamara Barschak

    To my wonderful friend Amy Williams to help her with her amazing charity work . Best of luck with this!

  • Will Dyson

    Good luck Amy !

  • Terena Liddle

    Good luck Amy!

  • Andrea Hammel

    Go Any Go!

  • Stuart Cox

  • Stephanie Brookes

    You’re mad but good luck!!!!

  • Thomas Fitt

    Best of luck!

  • Siân Liddle

    Go get 'em Wonder Woman xox

  • William Niven

    Go, Amy! From Helena and Bill.

  • Alex Hinsley

    Good luck!

  • Joan Salter


  • Imogen Dalziel

    This is mental but good luck! x

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