Update: World Jewish Relief's response to Cyclone Idai

It is now almost four weeks since the devastating floods and high winds caused by Cyclone Idai that hit Central Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. The cyclone has affected 1.85 million people, destroyed 240,000 homes, uprooted 7 million square km’s of cropland and caused outbreaks of cholera. With the UN Humanitarian Response Plan under funded, relief has been slow to arrive to the people of Southern Africa.  

Within two weeks, World Jewish Relief was on the ground in the worst affected province of Sofala, distributing lifesaving supplies through our local partner. Our immediate distribution consisted of kits to allow 500 families displaced by the cyclone damage to have immediate shelter providing tarpaulin, blankets, and cooking equipment. A long way from a permanent solution, these kits allow families to have dry & secure shelter as well as the ability to cook for themselves restoring some sense of stability and security.

Following the first distribution, your support has helped fund the delivery of other essential items such as: mosquito nets, jerry-cans, sanitary items and soap to 1,200 families. With such a vast amount of people who have lost everything, these items are critical to protect health, dignity, and self-sufficiency in the wake of extreme devastation.

As well as the pre-existing lack of food within the area and the recent destruction of crops and livestock, food & nutrition remain acute concerns. Around 1.8 million will be reliant on food distributions for at least the next three months as livelihoods and land recovers. In response, World Jewish Relief is helping to begin the distribution of one month’s worth of food supplies to 5,000 people.

The scale of devastation is immense and the need is colossal. You can play your part in supporting the people of Mozambique by donating online or calling 020 8736 1250. Your generosity will go a long way in helping to rebuild the lives of the communities hit by the cyclone. Thank you. 

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