Hunt for the ‘most Jewish letter’

World Jewish Relief and Jewish Book Week are calling on community members to help them find a letter or communication which people think best encapsulates the authentic Jewish Voice. The two organisations are partnering to create the ‘Jewish Voices’ event for the finale of Jewish Book Week.

The event will bring together notable personalities and performers to read emotive letters, speeches, communications and other words of note in celebration of the enduring power of Jewish words. The two organisations are waiting to discover the final piece to include in the running order and are encouraging people to get involved by submitting their favourite Jewish words – whether that’s a letter, joke, song lyric or passage from literature.  Examples of the type of Jewish words that people might have come across might include a well-penned letter to the Times, a personal communication with a famous figure or a one-liner from your mum that neatly encapsulates Jewish humour, guilt or chutzpah.

The winning piece will be read out by one of the notable performers on the night which currently includes Henry Goodman, Nicholas Hytner, Emily Maitlis, Zoe Wanamaker, Philippe Sands, Janet Suzman, Jason Isaacs and many more.

The winner will also receive two tickets to the event, which sold out in 24 hours.

Rafi Cooper, Director of Communications for World Jewish Relief said:

“Jews are famous for their love of words. We value the power of words and language. It’s who we are… 2 Jews, 3 opinions and 4 theses on why there are so many opinions! We want people to send us what they think is the authentic Jewish voice to add to the evening’s rich diversity”.

Claudia Rubenstein, Director of Jewish Book Week, added:

“Jewish history is filled with so many libraries worth of Jewish voices that it’s almost impossible to find anything definitive. The voices that we’ve gathered range from the funny to the personal, the historical to the deeply moving. Now it’s time for the community to add its Jewish voices to the mix. We can’t wait to see what people send in”

Send your favourite example of a Jewish voice by Tuesday 5th March to Rafi Cooper at World Jewish Relief at


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