World Jewish Relief response to safeguarding vulnerable communities

Recent news reports have raised disturbing questions about reported abuses by aid workers.

In light of these reports, World Jewish Relief is reviewing our existing vulnerable persons’ policy, to ensure that the people who we work with are appropriately protected. We are also working with local partner organisations who deliver our work to make sure that they continue to have appropriate safeguarding measures in place.

The media has reported that a former employee of World Jewish Relief’s Ukrainian sister agency, Ukraine Jewish Relief, was an Oxfam staff member who had been working in Haiti in 2011, amidst accusations of misconduct.

We were not made aware, either by references or by the employee himself, that he had worked in Haiti, nor were we made aware of any past allegations of misconduct against him.  There were no allegations of impropriety while he worked for Ukraine Jewish Relief. His employment ceased in mid-2017.

It is disheartening that the actions of a few unscrupulous aid workers may undermine trust in the life-saving work done by overseas humanitarian agencies, including World Jewish Relief. We take the trust placed in us by the UK Jewish community extremely seriously and we will work tirelessly to ensure that this trust is maintained.

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