We're partnering with Zest for a 'Taste of Syria' pop up restaurant.

Zest at JW3, in partnership with World Jewish Relief, is creating its first ever pop-up meat restaurant, Taste of Syria. The proceeds from the partnership will support World Jewish Relief’s Refugee Crisis Appeal.

The restaurant will be housed in an impressive dome structure in the JW3 courtyard which will give attendees a unique insight into World Jewish Relief’s work with refugees.

Zest, traditionally a milky restaurant, will for the first time be offering a fully kosher meat menu with traditional Syrian dishes cooked on an outside grill. The pop-up will be open from Monday 6 March to Sunday 9 April. It will be open 5 - 10pm, Monday to Thursday and 11am to 10pm every Sunday. £1 from each meal purchased will go towards World Jewish Relief’s work supporting refugees in Turkey, Greece and Syrian refugees who have come to the UK and additional donations are welcome. 

Inspired by cooking from the Syrian-Jewish tradition, the kosher menu will include lamb kofta, Muhummara marinated chicken wings and saffron and orange marinated chicken as well as vegetarian alternatives. There will be complimentary cardamom coffee and mint tea in the dome.  It will be first come, first served, with no reservations. Zest will be open as usual.

There will be several events within the month, including an official launch night on 16th March, bringing the community together to highlight the devastating situation for those fleeing war and persecution in Syria and raising money for those affected.

Paul Anticoni, Chief Executive, World Jewish Relief, said:

“The devastation in Syria is far from over. There are almost five million registered Syrian refugees, fleeing untold horror. World Jewish Relief leads the Jewish community’s response to international disasters; we’ve worked in Greece, Turkey and Bradford as the refugee crisis has unfolded. The partnership with Zest and JW3 will enable us to raise vital funds to support more people fleeing war and persecution and give people a unique insight into World Jewish Relief’s work with refugees, demonstrating the difference we have made thanks to the community’s generosity.”  

 Raymond Simonson, Chief Executive, JW3, said:

 “As London’s Jewish Community Centre, we are privileged to work with Shoah survivors and refugees from Nazi Europe every day. They are a key part of the JW3 family, and we’re finding that there is a degree of increased empathy with the current Syrian refugee situation because there are shared experiences between people's family stories and what's going on now. We’ve partnered with World Jewish Relief on a number of events and projects around this issue and are proud to work with them on this unique kosher, meaty pop-up restaurant on the JW3 Piazza. We have a reputation for bringing the best of Israeli and Middle Eastern cuisine to the Jewish community, so our chefs are excited to create a new menu inspired by the flavours of Syria”.

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