Newest Venture: launch of co-working space

World Jewish Relief are thrilled to launch our newest venture – a co-working space where graduates from our Livelihoods Development Programme in Zaporozhye, Ukraine can access the internet, seek employment advice, benefit from psychological services as well as enjoy the myriad of facilities on offer.

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Created as an ultra modern work hub, The Edison Co –Working Space is designed to be an inspiring and enabling environment for jobseekers.  It boasts space for 70- people to work in comfort and style, a library, lecture theatre, lounge, meeting rooms, skype rooms as well as regular business seminars.

Best of all, there is a new cafe run by one of the graduates from our Livelihood Development Programme (who also volunteers in his spare time to help the Jewish community).

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The Livelihood Development Programme helps people to develop job-specific skills, giving them the confidence to find work and guides them into appropriate employment. We give people a hand-up that means that they no longer need hand-outs.

These programmes enable people to support their families and find a route out of poverty.

We have no doubt that access to this new co-working space will enable our graduates to soon achieve their job seeking goals.

The Edison Co-Working Space has been launched by the Fund for Professional Developemnt of Zaporozhye and is in partnership with World Jewish Relief and USAID .

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