Jews DO do DIY

Far from calling in the handyman to do the most remedial of house chores, British Jews are more than comfortable turning their hand to DIY, new figures released in a survey we carried out show.

Nearly half of all British Jews have done some form of DIY in the past month. And it’s not just simple tasks either – nearly half claimed to have changed fuses and over a third have fixed a toilet.

Changing a light bulb was the most popular DIY task with some 85% of respondents saying they’d done so in the past year. Two thirds of Jews have hung pictures and nearly half said they had carried out painting.

Continuing the community’s love affair with IKEA, 46% said they have built furniture recently.

It wasn’t all positive news though, as more than one in five Jews haven’t attempted any DIY in the past year.

Nearly a third of people said that not having enough time was the reason they hadn’t done DIY recently with 36% saying they didn’t know what to do. 30% admitted they didn’t want to do it.

Men are more likely to do DIY than women, with 58% of men having done DIY in the past month and 36% of women.

Why did World Jewish Relief commission this survey?

We commission this survey ahead of Rosh Hashanah when we will be aiming to help hundreds of vulnerable Jews by repairing over 300 dilapidated homes across the Former Soviet Union. Each home costs on average £1,715 to repair by replacing doors and windows, installing working kitchens and bathrooms and insulating roofs.

One person we are trying to help is Svetlana from Ukraine. Paul Anticoni, World Jewish Relief’s chief executive, said:

I love a bit of DIY. It’s what Sunday afternoons are made for. But our survey also has a serious message. While our community is hard at work painting and decorating our homes, our forgotten Jewish family in the Former Soviet Union have homes in urgent need of repair. We cannot tolerate older people living with mouldy bathrooms and filthy toilets. That’s why World Jewish Relief is embarking on another urgent round of home repairs this Rosh Hashanah.

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