Marina's Story

Thanks to your support, Marina was able to join our Livelihood Programmes, securing work as a freelance web-designer. She is now able to support her children and care for her husband. Here, Marina explains how we've helped her and her family:

I joined World Jewish Relief's 'Welcome to Work' course at the end of March and in May I also participated in a  'Web-design' course where I gained the skills and confidence I needed to begin work as a freelance web-designer.

During the 'Welcome to Work' course I learned how to write a successful CV, received presentation skills and learned about earning money as a freelancer.

Then during the vocational training 'Web-design' course, I mastered Photoshop and learned web design skills. I found the large number of practical exercises during the course especially useful because they helped me to start making my portfolio.

At the moment I am working on improving my portfolio which I can use to present my work on freelance websites. I am also delighted to have found my first two customers and have been working on creating websites for them.

For me it is very important that freelance work is possible because I can combine working, with raising children and caring for my husband, who needs special treatment.

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As my work on the new project has just started, I received my first payment of 2,000 Hryvnia (£60) that enabled me to cover the participation costs for my eldest son in the children's camp.

This course and my new work has given me a feeling of confidence for the future and I am no longer panicking about being penniless because I earn money. In addition, I’m really interested in the area of my work and I can give much more support to my family.

I would encourage others to take this course. We (women in Ukraine) shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. I received strong professional support that I could not even imagine. Don’t be afraid to start changing something because even after taking a few steps, you will no longer be where you were before.

This training helped me to choose a completely new sphere of professional activity. I had a lot of new ideas, some that I already implement and that will give my family financial stability.

This stability means I can also volunteer and be involved in the Jewish community.  I am currently working on the design of computer games for children on the history of the Jewish people, I conduct handmade master-classes for children.

Our family received significant support in a difficult situation. We were glad, in turn, to provide assistance to those others in need. We have opened up entirely new possibilities for the future of our children. Our eldest son is planning to participate in the Birthright programme and our other son attended the Livelihoods career-oriented programme.

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