World Jewish Relief statement on the EU referendum result

As a British NGO which works both inside and outside the EU, World Jewish Relief has been speaking with our partners over the past few months to consider the impact of the UK leaving the EU on our work supporting vulnerable Jewish communities. We will continue these discussions over the coming year.

World Jewish Relief supports Jewish communities both in countries which are EU member states and non-EU member states. The majority of our programmes focus on countries outside the European Union - Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine - because this is where the world's most vulnerable Jews live. We're able to work efficiently and professionally in these countries. We receive no funding from the EU.

Nobody can accurately predict the future. Should there be an economic downturn, we might see a drop in donations: this would obviously be a concern for us. The impact on our ability to make international payments is unknown but if banks become even more risk averse in the coming months, supporting Jewish communities in need might become more difficult.

Whatever happens, we will ensure our vital programmes continue to provide a lifeline to those in need around the world.

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