Adam's Marathon

29-year-old Adam Nathan Schultz recently ran the Brighton marathon to raise money for World Jewish Relief.

Adam, from London, was recently diagnosed with HIV causing him to re-think his life’s priorities.

He finished the marathon in a time of 03:54:34, beating his goal of finishing in under 4 hours. Adam said:

It was always a dream of mine to run marathons. But every year I came up with excuses to convince myself that I wasn’t ready, or wasn’t fit enough, or lacked the determination to get through the training. Last year I was diagnosed with HIV and I was suddenly faced with my own mortality.

"I decided not to waste another minute analysing whether I was up for the challenge. How could I truly know unless I tried? I ran my first marathon last October and the Brighton marathon is one of 4 marathons and 6 half-marathons I have signed up for so far.

Adam Schultz

Adam works as a massage therapist which will no doubt prove useful in his recovery. He raised £300 which will go towards supporting vulnerable elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union.

Samantha Martin, our Community Engagement Coordinator, congratulated Adam saying:

Adam’s determination is humbling. We are so grateful for his support which will improve the lives of many vulnerable Jews living in the former Soviet Union right now.

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