Commemorating the lives of Pnina and Yohanan Kahani

To commemorate the lives of Pnina and Yohanan Kahani, one of their close friends has very generously donated funds to support the work that World Jewish Relief is conducting with Holocaust survivors in Eastern Europe. 

The three met on a kibbutz in Israel. Pnina and Yohanan had built their lives as kibbutz members and established a close friendship with a young American woman who came to work on the kibbutz in the 1960s. Over the years, the friendship developed and deepened with Pnina and Yohanan coming to fondly consider the visiting American as a member of their family.

Both Pnina and Yohanan held key positions in the community; Pnina as a primary school teacher focusing on children with special needs, and Yohanan as the kibbutz secretary. Moreover, their commitment to Israel was long and deep. Yohanan had been born on a kibbutz in 1930 to Ukrainian immigrants, and Pnina had arrived with her parents from Poland at the age of two in 1934. 

If alive now, both Pnina and Yohanan would have been great supporters of the work conducted by World Jewish Relief in support of Holocaust survivors. They would also be delighted that the person who was to become their dear friend has so kindly thought to honour their memory and contributions to the kibbutz and national community with such a donation. 

Pnina’s and Yohanan’s five children remember the significance of this friendship for their parents and appreciate enormously this kind and generous remembrance of their parents and the special value of their friendship. It is a source of great pleasure to know that their parents meant so much to others and that their memory lives on in the heart of friend who met their parents more than half a century ago.

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