Haiti Earthquake Emergency Appeal: One Month On

On 14th August a deadly 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti, devastating much of the country. An estimated 2,200 people died, tens of thousands were injured, and homes and public buildings were destroyed in an instant.  

World Jewish Relief immediately launched an emergency appeal, and reached out to our local partner Haiti Survie to determine Haitians’ urgent humanitarian needs, and how we might assist. We found that communities in more remote areas, further from cities, were receiving less support, so decided to target our response at a couple of rural communities that were badly hit by the disaster. You can read more about the background of our response here

We are working in two locations, Torbeck/Bourry and Damassin. Thanks to the generosity of World Jewish Relief’s supporters, Haiti Survie has so far distributed 550 food parcels, each of which will feed a family of five for a month. We have committed to the next phase of the response, during which we will continue to provide food, alongside other essential relief items including temporary shelter, in the same locations.  

Longer term, we are in conversation with Haiti Survie about how we might assist the communities’ recovery from this disaster. We will continue to provide updates as the response adapts and develops over the coming months. 

To donate to our Haiti Earthquake Emergency Appeal click here.

Below are some photos taken by our partner Haiti Survie, showing our response in action. 

Haiti update 6Haiti Update 2Haiti update 4Haiti update 5

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