Supporters Rally Behind Global Covid-19 Recovery

Since the pandemic hit last year, World Jewish Relief’s partner communities in 18 countries have experienced the disastrous impact of Covid-19. As we cautiously emerged from our own lockdown to enjoy relative normality, we launched a 36-hour fundraising campaign for communities that are still struggling, for whom a return to normal is still unimaginable.

An incredible 123 of World Jewish Relief’s supporters volunteered as Team Leaders, sharing why our work is so important to them, and encouraging more than 1,300 people to donate to the campaign. All donations were matched by a group of generous funders. Together, we raised an incredible £470,000 in 36 hours, and the total is still rising as donations come in.

The impact of the pandemic has been catastrophic for World Jewish Relief’s global family. From Eastern Europe, where 60% of the people we support have had their access to basic healthcare cut, to the 74% of vulnerable and marginalised people we support who have lost their jobs, devastation coupled with scare state support has had awful consequences. And for people whose lives had already been shattered by natural disasters or forced displacement, the pandemic made an already unstable situation even worse. In Cox’s Bazer in Bangladesh for example, where one million refugees live in extremely cramped conditions, provisions of hygiene equipment and PPE are scarce and many lack access to basic information about the symptoms and prevention of Covid-19.

So far, World Jewish Relief have reached 29,530 people in 13 countries with lifesaving and lifechanging support, aiding Covid-19 recovery. Thanks to the support of the UK Jewish community, who have shown that we refuse to turn their backs on the world’s most impoverished and vulnerable individuals, we will be able to extend this support to many more.

Chief Executive Paul Anticoni says:

I am astounded at the response and generosity of so many supporters to our Global Recovery Campaign which ran on the 11th and 12th July. When there is such pressure on our services from those within and beyond the Jewish community, from Ukraine to Uganda and Belarus to Bangladesh, this support will enable us and our partners to scale up our response. It has helped us replace event income which couldn’t take place and I cannot thank our Team Leaders and supporters enough.

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