A Tribute to Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

At World Jewish Relief we were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, former Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

Lord Sacks’ achievements were vast: serving as Chief Rabbi for 22 years, being honoured with a Knighthood in 2005, authoring more than 20 books and speaking regularly on issues from ethics to global conflict and antisemitism.

Lord Sacks will be remembered as a legend of our community, a true intellect and a great inspiration. He was a staunch believer that to save a life is an intrinsically Jewish act, and spoke with clarity about the Jewish imperative to help others within and beyond our community. He was strongly encouraging of our work, providing a moral platform for us to grow our humanitarian portfolio. World Jewish Relief’s approach is influenced by Lord Sack’s conviction that whoever we are helping, our work is built on deeply Jewish foundations.

World Jewish Relief President Henry Grunwald said “Rabbi Lord Sacks was a truly remarkable and gifted man.   As a teacher, orator and author, he was outstanding.   And he understood exactly what World Jewish Relief stands for.   He endorsed our view that all of our work, whether within or without Jewish communities world-wide was "Jewish" - an essential part of what being Jewish means.   His all too soon and sudden death is a great loss for us all.   In addition to being President of World Jewish Relief, I also have the honour of chairing the Covenant and Conversation Trust, set up after his retirement as Chief Rabbi to promote his teachings.  His death adds to the responsibility we all have to ensure that his works live on after him.   We at World Jewish relief will continue to ensure that we live up to his endorsement."

All of us at World Jewish Relief wish the Sacks family a long life.

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