Kindertransport Commemorative Cycle: Berlin to London 17-22 June 2018

Simon, James, Jeff, Jeremy, Jamie & Ashley .

This unique six day cycle will emulate the journey taken by the children on the first Kindertransport train

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Goal £20,000.00

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, 09:00 – , 18:00

Simon Walton, James Taylor, Jeff Ben Mayor, Jeremy Borlant, Jamie Doyan & Ashley Cohen are participating in an incredible journey. On the 80th Anniversary of the first Kindertransport a group of 45 individuals from all over the world are cycling the 1000km from Berlin to London to commemorate this occasion. Jamie's grandparents Henry and Gillie Rawson met on this train and were some of the original children who made this historic journey from Berlin in 1938. So the six of us all with Leeds connections have been training hard for over 6 months to prepare for this endurance ride.

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  • Henriette Lee

    Amazing..Well done boys

  • Daniel Feller

    Massively impressed James, well done

  • Tim Newman

    Well Done all the Leeds boys. Fantastic achievement
    Katie & Tim Newman

  • simon dedman

  • Henry Cohen

    Once again,well done!! what you have done is an amazing achievement!! Tour de Yorkshire next year.

  • Carolyn Abrahams

    Well done guys such an amazing achievement!

  • Simon Oakes

    Well done to the whole team.

  • Richard Wisnia

    A fantastic achievement. Well done to all.

    Emma, Richard, Jack & Josh Wisnia

  • Glen Turnbull

    Congratulations to you Simon and your team, such an achievement and for a worthy cause from all at Crowther Turnbull Booth

  • Jennifer Reynolds

    Good luck, from TAG Heuer. x

  • Sarah Cartwright

    Congratulations Simon & the team, a fantastic effort for a worthy cause.

  • Daniel Masser

    Massive congrats on a massive effort by Ashley and everyone else. Love from Dan, Fran, Molly and Harry. x

  • Lisa Sellyn

    Well done Jeff! We're proud of you. What a great achievement.
    Love The Sellyn's xx

  • Joseph Ben Mayor

  • David Samuel

    Amazing. Well done guys.
    David & Elissa

  • Vikki Lee

    Fantastic Achievement! Well done to you all. Vikki & Marcus Lee

  • Madeleine Klineberg

    Well done guys - great achievement and great cause.
    Madeleine,Steve and family xxx

  • Jason Brook

    Well done Simon and gang! Great effort

  • Stewart Manning

    Great Cause
    My wife’s family adopted a child from the Kindertransport in 1940

  • Ben Rosenberg

    Fantastic achievement for a worthy cause- well done to you all.
    Ben, Sam, Theodore and Dexter

  • Jo Crosby

    Congratulations Jeff and the rest of the team. Fantastic achievement

  • Phil Mickler

    Amazing achievement again boys , great effort
    The Micklers

  • Janie Spillman

    Amazing achievement! Well done to you all. Certainly a ‘rollercoaster’ of a ride but one you will never forget with so many special memories created . Love Janie, Marc , Jess, Gabs & Zach (v proud of their Uncle !) xx

  • Pat Bellini

    Well done to all. Amazing achievement!

  • Louise Moss

    Well done boys! If my Grandma hadn’t come over on the Kindertransport I doubt I’d be here today. Amazing challenge x x x

  • Anonymous

    Nearly there!

  • Lilah Selman

    Good luck with the ride

  • Illane and Harold Rose

    We hope you enjoyed your amazing challenge

  • Stacey Logan

    Amazing! Well done to you all.

  • Stuart Levy


  • Geraldine Levison

    Good luck! Love geraldine, grace and Joseph

  • DRCT Chapman

    Nuchas to youse all!🚵‍♂️🚵‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️

  • Shana Kerlander

    Jeff and team- all the best!

  • Rachel Gould

    Well done Jeff and the rest of the gang! Fantastic cause! From Rachel, Adam, Zach and Aitan

  • Pauline Hall

    Good Luck Jeff!!


  • Daniel Lee

    Arrghh boys, so wish I was with you and such a great cause. Best of luck guys love Dan, Andie and family x

  • Stephen Wilcock

    Jeff and the Team - what an amazing challenge! Following your progress...keep it up! Love Susan, Stephen, Jemima and Martha

  • Louise Rodger

    Good luck to you all. Fantastic effort and such a great thing to do to commemorate an incredible journey so many had to make.

  • Margaret Jacobs

    You should all be very proud!!
    Margaret and Graham Jacobs


    Good luck to you all, amazing cause xx

  • Joanne Pearson

    Hi Jeremy,
    Good luck with the race.
    Best wishes
    Chris, jo, Nicole and Anouska Pearson xx

  • Ed Rivlin

    Best of luck boys. Keep going. Brilliant thing to be doing
    Love Carrie, Ed, Benjy, Chloë and Erin




  • John Maddock

    Good luck, Simon!

  • Clive Niman

    Good luck boys. It's such an incredible thing that you're doing!!
    From Nic, Clive, Noah and Layla

  • Séan Stack

    Best of luck Simon!

  • Monique Taylor

    Have a fantastic experience for a wonderful cause.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck everyone


    fantastic Ash, proud of you,
    love Jason, Rachel, Harry, Erinn and Isla xx

  • Anonymous

    Good luck

  • Stephen Feldman

    Good luck James

  • Sue and Tony Sherman

    Good luck to all of you Leeds boys and all other participants.
    From Sue & Tony Sherman & family

  • Richard Isaacs

    Good luck Simon,& all the guys - an amazing challenge & glad to support such a worthy cause. 1000km!! - just hope you're all standing at the end.
    Richard & Carol Anne

  • alex bassalian

    Wishing you best of luck in the ride.

  • Caroline Stewart

    Good luck Jeff....mind over matter :)

  • Jonatan Rahminov

    Thank you for the opportunity,
    We would gladly support this worthy and important cause,

    Good luck in your journey !

    The Rachminov Family

  • Wayne Davison

    Good luck everyone.

  • Sheila Pearce

    Best of luck to Jeremy and the boys from Leeds
    Sheila and Gordon

  • Alexandra & Daniel Myers

    Good luck with this great challenge for a great cause.

  • Mark Vogel

    So Jealous of you Simon ! You make us all proud

  • Thomas Watts

    Good luck!

  • Mike Faller

    Good Luck Simon!!!!

  • James Kimberley

    Good luck James and team. This sounds like an epic challenge. All the best, Gordons LLP

  • Aaron Budai

    Well done Jeff
    Cheers AB & Liora

  • Anonymous

    Go Jamie! XXX

  • Gillie Rawson

    Wishing you the best of luck Jamie and have great time on the ride!
    I am very proud of you doing it and I know Papa would have been too.
    Lots of Love

  • Anonymous

  • Sarah Small

    Good luck to you all
    Sarah and Stuart

  • Wayne Ben-Mayor

    Good luck boys,Great cause. May your bodies hold up and you all have a safe enjoyable ride.
    Wayne,Lexi and Jedd.

  • Simon Chambers

    Good luck and best wishes for an enjoyable ride from all at IWC

  • Laura BenMayor

    Good luck to Jeff and all the Leeds boys. We are so proud of the time and hard work you've put into this ride. Cycle hard and look after each other. We will be waiting in London to cheer you all in. Laura, Coby & Austin. X

  • Troy Birt

    Wishing you & the crew a safe journey Simon, be sure to apply plenty of that chamois cream..
    Enjoy (if that's possible),

  • Lindsry Lester

    Best of luck to my bro and the boys, such an amazing event to be a part of. Wonderful cause, see you at Liverpool Street on Friday !! Have fun out there.
    Lindsey, Richard, Georgia and Katie Lester

  • Deanna BenMayor

    Have a safe ride

  • Sandra Ben Mayor

    Have a safe and good ride

  • Jeremy Goldberg

    Great work guys - well done. A superb achievement for a very worthy cause - good luck.....Adele & Jez x

    P.S make sure you all come back in 1 piece!!

  • Melvyn Cohen

    Can't think of a Kinder way of remembering. Well done all concerned

  • Stephen Walker

    Good Luck with your ride, Trust all goes well.

  • Claire Priddy

    Good luck from Nick, Giles & All the team at Bremont.

  • J Lee

    Good luck All

  • paul task

    Good luck Simon and team cycle well, Paul & Bev Task

  • jeffrey BenMayor

    Good luck James, Jeff and all the boys. Ride safely. Don't forget the sun cream.
    Pam & Anthony

  • Raina Sheaf

    What an incredible thing to do for a great charity. We wish you a smooth and successful trip, with love, Raina Mike Joe and Ellie xxxx

  • John Rawson

    Good luck Jamie and everyone.
    Ros and John

  • Anonymous

  • Luca Ballabio

    Good luck Jeff, make sure you get back in one piece ;)

  • Carole Taylor

    Well done

  • Christopher Johnson

  • Alexa Harris

    Incredible journey you're undertaking. Cycle safe!
    Alexa, Damian, Jacob and Leah.

  • Jean Robinson

    Jeff - Terrific venture. Keep on keeping on!

  • Ben Lyons

    Ashley/Jeff/Jeremy and the team - Good luck!
    From the Lyons Family

  • Lucy Plunkett

    Good luck!!

  • Rob Sandler

    Good Luck!

  • Darren Cohen

    Amazing challenge.. Good luck and hope it all goes well!
    Love Darren & Nicole x

  • Sue Karran

    Good Luck and enjoy the journey!

  • Nina Lancaster

    Good luck team Jeremy! 💪👍

  • Simon Rawson

    Good luck Jamie and all participating in this great cause

  • Gareth Williams

    Good luck Simon and team. Great cause!

  • Gurnaik Chima

    Great cause & best of luck!
    The Chima Family

  • Paul Adams

    Simon. Wishing you the best of luck with this great challenge. Paul, Danielle & Family xx

  • Marcus Armstrong

    Best of luck boys, an amazing achievement. Don't forget the padded shorts! Marcus, Lisa & kids

  • Michael Goldstone

    Amazing achievement James and the team, proud of you 💪🏻🚴‍♂️, Mike & Natalie Goldstone

  • Debbie Jacobs

    Good luck to everyone who is involved in this amazing ride
    Love Debbie and Mark Jacobs

  • Alyson Moss

    Good luck boys. Will be thinking of you all. Great cause and an amazing experience. Love Aly Jon Nats Gracie James x

  • Phil Jerome

    Can’t believe you’re doing this!!! Good luck guys

  • Bill Cundey

    Safe riding!

  • Edward Jackson

    Good Luck! Rather you then me!

  • Elissa Phillips

    Wishing you happy cycling !! Mind the potholes

    Well done

  • Jack Abrahams

    Proud of you all for taking on this challenge! Stay safe!
    Norma and Jack x

  • Markus Rosenberg

    Good luck guys. Will
    Be thinking of you all and monitoring progress daily. What an achievement! Can hardly imagine what you are gong through mentally and physically.
    Markus and Chris

  • Simon Reynolds

    Wowsers - Good luck guys!
    Simon, Gabi R & Family x

  • Anonymous

    Hope all goes well / enjoy it !

  • Sandi Firth

    So proud of you Jamie xxx

  • Juliet Shenderey

    Good luck boys!! Love Juliet x

  • Donald Fowler

    Well done guys, that's some challenge. Best of luck from the Fowlers.

  • Stuart Eakin

    Have a great time :)

  • Stefan Simons

    Good luck!

  • russell manning

    With very best wishes to Ashley, Simon and all the team

  • Anonymous

  • Mitchell Coen

    Good luck and don’t forget the skin repair gel!!!

  • Simon Goldsborough

    Good luck!

  • Daniel Buck

    Good luck boys , amazing what you are all doing .
    Daniel ,Oliver and Aston.

  • Fraser Rattray

    Amazing thing to do Jamie
    Fraser & Kirsten

  • Emma Gordon

    Good luck. What a challenge!

  • Tessa Freund

    What an inspiration guys. We are Looking forward to following ure journey! Well done. Bet it will be incredibly emotional as well as challenging. Charles, Tess, Samuel and Zachary xxxx

  • Benjamin Novick

    Best of luck, Jeremy. A great ride for a great cause and a great memory

  • Ellipt Rich

    Amazing challenge and hats off to you all. Best of luck and be safe. The Rich’s xxx

  • Carly Novick

    Good luck Jeremy and friends xxx

  • Tanya Novick

    Glad to support a good cause & to support all your efforts. In loving memory of Marion/Mum/Sassy who was given life by the Kindertransport. And in support of those unaccompanied refugee children awaiting Safe Passage.

  • Zoe Ornstein

    Great effort Jamie & friends. Good luck! Zoe Dan and kids

  • Jonathan Stankler

    Amazing, inspiring....very proud. Jonny, Jo, Lottie & Ben Stankler

  • Andrew Lewis

    Well done to you all. Best wishes Nicola & Andrew Lewis


    Get peddling boys!! What an amazing thing to do. Lots of love Sammi, Anthony, Oran, Sophia and Evie Shapero xxx

  • Ishai Novick

    To the Leeds boys on tour - a truly exceptional challenge to take on commemorating the Kindertransport without which my family would not be here - a special prayer for my Grandma / Sassy who lost so much

  • Susan Hodgkiss

    Good luck

    All the best Sue and Lizzie

  • Phil Fraser

    All the best boys !!!

    Phil & Jane Fraser

  • Paul Lawrence

    Delighted to Support.....
    Paul & Catherine Lawrence

  • Philippa Goldstone

    Good luck boys
    Robert and philippa x

  • Amy Lindemann

    Good luck. Great cause

  • Richard Darsa

  • Jeffrey Bee

    Ride safely and steadily - great effort

  • Siobhan Kennelly

    Good luck! Amazing journey to retrace xx

  • Julie Besbrode

    Good luck Jamie - inspiring challenge! X

  • Andrew Myerson

    Amazing effort, wonderful cause, a legacy to be proud of. Good luck. x

  • amanda jacobs

    dont stop pedalling Simon
    Sounds fantastic
    its our pleasure to sponsor you
    Amanda and Stephen

  • Simon Gray

    All the best guys, cracking effort!!

  • Phill Davies

    Go for it- should be slightly cooler than last year's trip but no less of a botty challenge!

    Samantha & Phill

  • Scott Harris

    Good luck boys! Fantastic effort!

  • Sharon Magson

    Good luck to you all from Handelsbanken

  • Stef Raftopoulos

    Please don't send me any pics of you in lycra

  • Stuart Warner

    Great commemoration. Great challenge. Great cause .

  • Shannon Kuspira

    Way to go! May the weather be kind to you and the wind on your backs. Good luck Jeff and rest of the crew. x

  • Samantha Walton

    To Simon and all the other MAMILS (middle age men in Lycra)
    Proud of all your hard work,determination and dedication to this big challenge.
    Safe cycling,look after each other and can’t wait for your homecoming on the 22nd.xx

  • Joanne Harris

    Amazing challenge, good luck to all of you , take care of each other
    Joanne, Darrell, Natasha and Charlotte xx

  • Mandy Port

    Good to all of you x

  • Jonathan Karro

    Well done Jeff and to you all. Lots of love from Jonty, Cassie, Lily and Jack

  • Gaynor Sorkin

    James, Simon and boys, All the best for a hugely successful challenge!
    Gaynor & Jeremy Sorkin

  • Luiz Guilherme

    James and the cycling team have a great cycling experience.

  • James Bott

    Good luck all. Abbie, James, Joshua and Livi x

  • Anonymous

    Great cause! Ride well!

  • Belinda Richmond

    Incredible challenge best of luck James Simon and rest of crew
    Belinda and David Richmond

  • Katie Taylor

    Proud of all you boys ..... JT , not sure at which point Lycra started to suit you... you’ve gone from ‘boy band’ to ‘Lycra man’ ready for your cameo in the next Avengers movie. Ride safely 🙏🏻Xxx

  • Rob Baskind

    Amazing challenge. Hats off to all of you!!! Best of luck
    From Ellissa, Rob & girls xx

  • Richard Baskind

    Good luck guys - wish i could have joined you - almost sounds like fun! x

  • Philippa Straight

    Good Luck Jeff and all you brave guys hope you’ve got some gel shorts!

  • Maurice Ben-Mayor

    Go Jeff!!
    Lots of love Nadine & Maurice

  • Simon Strong

    Ride well!

  • Anonymous

    Wishing you the very best of luck, Richard & David Share

  • Daniel Rawson

    Great challenge. Best of luck. Daniel, Catherine & Archie

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful thing you're all doing. Can't begin to imagine how taxing it is. Good luck and shkoyach for the initiative! xxxx

  • Howard Doberman

    Proud of you big man!

  • Karen Glazer

    Good luck Jeremy and friends, fantastic cause.

  • Melanie Verby

    Good luck our child! Wish I was doing it with you...will be there to greet you at the end though! Well done guys! Mel, Libby and Yasmin xxx

  • June Smethills

    Good luck all the way. Good cause.

  • deborah stewart

    good luck Jamie, at it again !!!

  • Jill Dunwoody

    Love this idea, Jamie, good luck.

  • Daniel Mark

    Good luck guys! Great cause.

  • Adam Davis

    Good luck Ja and Pish amazing challenge Adam & Girls XXXX

  • Howard Bott

    Unbelievable challenge!!! Good luck to you all from Howard and Wendy XXX

  • Mark Adlestone

    Good luck James and Simon.

    With best wishes from Mark and Gabrielle

  • Andrew Longfellow

    Good luck gents!

  • russell goldman

    good luck to you all, raising money for a great cause!
    Russ,Amber and the kids x

  • Matthew Haycox

    Good luck boys!

  • Christine Lazenby

  • Lori Coulson

    Good luck guys xx

  • AJ Hirst

    Good Luck, Jeremy! From The Hirsts xx

  • Terry Rawson

    Best of luck. Kindertransport will never be forgotten. So glad it existed and so important to many people.