This Pesach will you help families in Ukraine deal with the trauma of war?

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Ukraine Focus


According to the WHO forecast, 9.6 million people in Ukraine are at risk of acute stress, anxiety, depression, substance use and post-traumatic stress disorder, and are in desperate need of psychological support. Ukraine’s health ministry estimates that almost half of the population need such assistance, while three to four million people likely need some form of medication. Head of Impact and Livelihoods, Ekaterina Mitiaev, explores the mental health crisis in Ukraine.

Woman in ethiopia looking at the camera

Conflict and Famine in Ethiopia

Humanitarian Response

World Jewish Relief is immensely troubled by ongoing famine and a rise in violence in Ethiopia, a country which has been devastated by recent civil wars, drought and the climate crisis. More than 24.4 million people across Ethiopia are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, and over 4.4 million are internally displaced (UN OCHA, 2024). World Jewish Relief is working with its local Ethiopian partner to provide support to those affected, and is continuing to monitor the situation closely.

Israel at War


Six months have now passed since Hamas’ devastating terrorist attacks on Israel on October 7th. Six months that have changed Jewish people and Jewish communities across the world, with antisemitism rising to unprecedented levels. Alarmingly, more than 130 hostages remain in captivity after being taken by Hamas, including men, women and children of all ages. They, and their families, have suffered 181 long, intolerable nights. Their release is paramount and we, alongside the entire community, anxiously await their safe return.


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