Women of World Jewish Relief

Every day women and girls around the world face poverty, discrimination, violence, injustice and inequality just because they are women. Women have less access to land, education, income, decision-making, political influence and opportunity – all of which keeps them in a cycle of poverty. We want to change that.

In Eastern Europe, women make up 80% of our social isolation, home repairs and homecare programmes for the elderly. These are dignified, courageous and hard-working women who have endured so much and require our support.

Equally pressing are the needs of women and girls when disaster strikes. Last year we helped 39,000 women around the world in the aftermath of an emergency. As well as the immediate impact, they are also vulnerable to increased rates of sexual and domestic violence. Women are left to care for those affected which increases their workload and emotional burden.

World Jewish Relief is commiting to prioritising the needs of women and girls across all aspects of our work. We will change the lives of 50,000 women over the next 5 years through new initiatives and an expansion of our current work. And in doing so we will seek to inspire women within our community to join us on this journey and play an active role in helping us change the lives of women and girls for the better.

WOWJR (Women of World Jewish Relief) is a supporter led committee focussed on creating fundraising events and other opportunities which will change the lives of women and girls around the world.  

To tell us how you'd like to get involved or to sign up to get latest news on events and opportunities, click the link below.


Thousands of women need your help

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