Our work is made possible by working in partnership with trusted and accountable local organisations. Our charity partnerships are with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), International non-governmental organisations (INGOs), charities, non-profit organisations, community organisations and humanitarian agencies.

Our partner organisations have the specific expertise and critical local knowledge to enable us to best meet the needs of the individuals we support. The partners allow us to listen carefully and respond appropriately to the people we support.

We also invest in local organisations to build both their skills and capacity, ultimately making the projects we support sustainable over the longer-term.

We have special consultative status at the United Nations. The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) granted this status to World Jewish Relief in August 2012, which enables World Jewish Relief to actively engage with the ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies.

We are also a part of the START network, a transformational humanitarian network of 39 leading international NGOs working together to connect people in crises to the best possible solutions.

To find out more about the specific partner organisations we work with or to apply to become a partner, please feel free to contact us.

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In partnership with World Jewish Relief, we empower individuals to find jobs and build lives of self-reliance and self-dignity for themselves and members of their families. We're making a crucial impact in exceptionally challenging circumstances.

Iryna Fomenko, Director of Livelihood Development Programme, Ukraine