Harry Heber and Ruth Jacobs ( a happy ending)

Harry (aged 7) and Ruth (aged 10) arrived in the UK from Vienna, Austria in December 1938

Harry and RuthThe last thing siblings Harry and Ruth remember their parents telling them that is whatever happens they must stick together.  To their anguish, they were seperated as soon as they boarded the train in Vienna and put into carriages determined by age and gender.  Ruth then vividly recalls SS guards marching through the carriages and rifling through their luggage.

The siblings were briefly reunited when they arrived at Dovercourt Camp in the UK where Harry remembers the vast plains of snow and the chilly winter climes before they were taken off to live with different families.  Harry recalls being taken to a farmhouse and crying solidly for 3 days and nights because he couldn’t speak any English.  He was quickly moved to a boarding school in Kent which was a much happier experience. Ruth was fortunate to be taken in by a very understanding family who at her suggestion agreed to apply for a visa for her parents to come and work with them as domestic staff.  The application was successful and they made it safely to the UK three days before of the outbreak of war.

kindertransport, siblings Harry Heber and Ruth JacobsHarry became an optician, married Marion and has 2 step-children and 4 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.  He now volunteers with World Jewish Relief making prescription glasses to send to poverty stricken Jewish communities in Eastern Europe.

Ruth married Norman Jacobs and has 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren.  She worked first as a fashion designer and then ran her own chain of clothes stores called ‘Smart ’n Tartan’.

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